About Lucas & Friend
Lucas & Friend is an expanded global Chinese coliving real estate startup founded by Founder & CEO Nathan Jenkins combining property investment, development and management with community building, thus expanding the concept of shared space beyond the housing unit to give their global Chinese clientele a feeling of home within a greater real community.

At Lucas & Friend, the definition of global Chinese consists of those who share a culture not identified by race or colour but instead unified by:

  1. a culinary tradition centered on the rice bowl and a pair of chopsticks
  2. the association of a welcoming refuge evoked by an invitation to return home to drink some traditional Chinese homemade soup,
  3. a feeling of homesickness for Chinese wonton noodles, Chinese dumplings, or other Chinese comfort foods when away from “home”, and
  4. the need to take off one’s shoes and put on slippers after arriving home and requiring visitors to do the same
Our Mission
Thus, our mission is to give global Chinese the sense of being home, hence our Chinese slogan, “回家飲湯” which literally translates to “Welcome home to drink soup”, a phrase which will conjure up for global Chinese images of home as a place where they can relax, have a listening ear, and renew their energies with a homemade concoction that has been specially prepared for them. Thus, in English, the slogan will simply carry the essence, “Welcome Home”.
Join and build the Luyo Commune with us!
Global Chinese (“Luyos”) feel at home when they can identify with the real community in which they will move into. This includes all the people, businesses and organizations providing the products and services that can help them as they seek to integrate into their new environments whether these be: Restaurants and food stores where Luyos can find comfort foods from home, Local restaurants who can explain their cuisines in a way that can be understood by Luyos, Medical professionals who can speak different Chinese dialects, Grooming professionals who are familiar with Chinese hair, skin, textures, and colours, etc.
Grow your business/organization
Add or join your business/organization, keep your page up to date, respond to reviews, view visitor and customer reports, build your followers and community to get ahead of the game Help Luyos feel at home
Make customers happy
Stay on top of feedback and respond to reviews as soon as they come in. Engage with your customers and keep them coming back.
Connect Luyos
Turn page visitors into customers. Let them get quotes, make appointments, or ask questions right from your business page via email, and Whatsapp.
Smart Customer Behavior Learning
See what’s happening on your page in real-time and predict what's going on! Track clicks, calls, page visits - and learn more about your potential customers through Smart Customer Behavior Learning, our proprietary customer analysis tool.

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