Collaborative Living Spaces for Global Chinese

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At Lucas & Friend, identifying yourself as Chinese is a mindset free of the boundaries of race and ethnicity. And, we understand what it means to be Chinese when it comes to finding your home, whether you come from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Taoyuan in Taiwan, cosmopolitan Hong Kong, or simply a suburb from San Francisco, USA. For global Chinese, the world over, we are united in our understanding of home.

Our Lucas & Friend coliving spaces are specially designed to give you that feeling of home from the point of view as a global Chinese while helping you to take on your new environment with others sharing with you your same Chinese values and eagerness for adventure.

Our Brand Concept

Lucas & Friend is based on reality-inspired fictional character called Lucas, a global Chinese who had been given the opportunity to study overseas for his university education.

Friendly, adventurous, and positive in nature, he embraces his life’s expeditions eagerly, desiring to integrate into his new overseas setting and to share his learning to other global Chinese new to the scene which he warmly calls his “老友” or “Luyos”  (the anglicized, affectionized and shortened form of Lucas 的朋友 (Friends of Lucas)) with regular Chinese gatherings revolving around the rice bowl, the wok,  and homemade soup, and numerous group-bonding activities as long as they adhere to his house rule of “Shoes off, Slippers only when at home”.

On successful application to a Lucas & Friend coliving space, you will be welcomed as a Luyo” into the world of Lucas, as long as you adhere to his quirky house rule.

Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine

Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine, designed under the “Lucas & Friend Hall” brand, is a coliving space specially designed to meet your needs in your passage as a global Chinese student studying in any one of Irvine’s tertiary institutions including the University of California Irvine, Concordia University-Irvine, Irvine Valley College, Saddleback College, Orange Coast College, Vanguard University.

Student Community Benefits

Priced between $1,100 to $1,650 per month, our present Lucas & Friend Hall Irvine coliving offer includes:

Your own private fully-furnished studies friendly bedroom

With Desk, a Desk Lamp, Book Case, Closet complete with both hanging rack and shelving/drawers storage, Double Bed, a bedside platform/table and a Bedside light

Fully-furnished common areas

Living room, dining area, kitchen, washing machine, shared amenities like toilet paper, hand wash, paper Towels, dishwashing detergents, l;aundry detergent, fabric softener and fabric softener sheets, mop, vacuum cleaner, and basic cleaning supplies

Housekeeping services

Once a week, there will be the cleaning of shared spaces, including but not limited to kitchens, living rooms, dining areas, and shared bathrooms

Homemade Chinese Soup

Once a week, you as a Luyo will have specially made for you! A large crock pot of homemade Chinese soup to instill the heartwarming message of “回家飲湯”/ “Welcome Home”.

Weekly Concierge Grocery Shopping Service:

Ordered and paid for through our @Home App, you as a Luyo will be able to order groceries from a specially selected set of grocery stores with a strong Chinese product/produce selection, and have these delivered to you once a week

24-hour Property Services

Our professional property services team, NOT live-in landlords breathing down your neck, all fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin are available 24 hours to respond to maintenance requests and to make sure our accommodations are ready to give you a feeling of home while helping you to integrate into your new life and surroundings.

Why Lucas & Friends?

As a student, coliving may just be your best lifestyle solution in your college years as coliving offers the following benefits


Flexible accommodations, expedited admission and move-ins with shorter leasing terms – choose between 12-month and 6-month options
Cost less

Coliving actually works out to be a cheaper lifestyle solution to living in a traditional landlord-tenant model. Considering all of the added benefits, coliving spaces can reduce your living costs by as much as 20% compared to what you would need to spend when living alone.

Many students express the fear of loneliness and social isolation when living away from home. At Lucas & Friend, although we already seek to match you with other like-minded “Luyos” in your rental accommodations through personality profiling, additionally, we cultivate for you a ready-made global Chinese community all within walking distance from your housing quarters: The Luyo Commune or 老友公社 all contributing to give you the feeling of home beyond your living quarters with: (a) more space, (b) a bigger social circle for social bonding, and (c) more facilitated interactions between you, other Luyos and a larger global Chinese neighbourhood community.

With a good combination of college students mixed through their various years and different fields of study residing together, many opportunities exist for learning and sharing with your fellow “Luyos” whether it be study groups, collaborating on projects, or simply cheering each other on.

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