Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant & BBQ Express Irvine
Food 4.5
Service 4.8
Decor 5.0
Overall 4.8
I love their food.
Bhavin Bhatt 61 days ago
I honestly love their food and customer service, good area nearby to my residence. The employees are always very nice. I highly recommend this place.
Dim sum was excellent and delicious
Steven Feng 67 days ago
The food is incredible and service is good and not expensive, Good place for family and friends dining.  Dim sum was excellent and delicious. Plenty of parking spaces in the shopping plaza 
lucasnfriend admin 69 days ago
Highly Recommend!!!
Lavin Lau 88 days ago
Edited at May 7, 2020 7:11
First time eating from this place and it was delicious!!!!

We ordered beef chow fun and roasted pork on rice, sweet and sour pork chop. Highly recommend Beef chow fun --- it's fantastic. 
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Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant & BBQ Express Irvine
15333 Culver Dr. - Suite 720 Irvine, CA 92604
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