Tai 2 Chinese Sauerkraut Fish
Food 5.0
Service 5.0
Decor 5.0
Overall 5.0
A wonderful way to have a meal.
Bhavin Bhatt 115 days ago
Love love love this place. The fried chicken is incredible. I haven't had chicken so flavorful and juicy in a good while. I ordered a small plates of wings/drumsticks and alone i was full, i could imagine splitting this and an appetizer with another person and being set. The staff was great even though it was a slow Sunday when i came in i didn't feel rushed or unattended, a wonderful way to have a meal. I tries the pepper and the garlic options, both amazing.
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Tai 2 Chinese Sauerkraut Fish
14120 Culver Dr suite i&j, Irvine, CA 92604
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